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Welcome to a new exploring the environment module!
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Welcome to a new exploring the environment module!
Climate Prediction Center GIS Portal
The U.S. Drought Monitor
Climate Literacy Standards: Global Temperatures
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National Science Standards Addressed: Global Temperatures
West Virginia State Science Standards
Climate Change and Factors Related to Human Health
Climate Change and Aeroallergens
Human Disease and Mortality
Climate Change and Health Effects
National Science Standards Addressed: Human Health
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Climate Literacy Standards: Ice Caps and Sea Levels
The Connection Between Ice Sheets, Sea Levels, and Climate Change
Ice Caps, Ice Sheets, and Ice Shelve: What's the Difference?
National Science Standards Addressed: Ice Caps and Sea Levels
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Problem-Based Learning
Assessing Behavior in PBL Projects
Assessment in Global Climate Change PBLs
Comparing Educational Approaches to Learning
Developing Rubrics for PBL Projects
Global Climate Change Modules Classroom Options
Learing in Teams
Making it Local
The PBL Model
Planning, Facilitating, Reflecting, and Closure
Preparation Checklist for a Global Climate Change PBL Module
Table of Environmental Changes and Projected Effects
Teacher Introduction to Global Climate Change PBL
Welcome to the Global Climate Change PBL Site
Climate Literacy Standards: Volcanoes
Learning Objectives: Volcanoes
National Science Education Standards: Volcanoes
West Virginia State Science Standards: Volcanoes
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Coral Reefs
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Climate Prediction Center GIS Portal

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